U Store-it

Door to Door, Safe, Secure, Storage

Safe and secure storage for both personal and business needs. Door to Door service with free easy access to your stuff.


How it works

Watch our 30 second video that shows how simple it is.

Low-cost Storage

£18.50 Per week (inc VAT)

  • Free Collection for booking 12 weeks or more
  • Pick Up & Return
  • Safe & Secure
  • 24hr Security Monitoring
  • Free Access once a month
  • Packaging available to buy

How it works


Choose your storage space and if needed add packaging and insurance.


Select your collection date and time and we will come and collect.


Your stuff is securely stored and if you need access get in contact with us to arrange.


When you need it back gives us 48 notice and we can arrange to return or pick up.

How does collection work?

We bring your storage unit to you and we load. It is then stored in our secure storage centre until you require access.

More FAQs

How much does it cost?

Pricing is based on the amount of storage required and for how long. Take advantage of free collection when storing for 12 weeks or more.


How much storage space do you need?

We use 35 sq ft storage spaces. Use our space guide to easily calculate the correct storage space for your stuff.

Space guide